Wedding Dance Lessons

Shanturia Dance Theatre offers Wedding Dance lessons for the bride and groom. Impress your guests with a professionally-choreographed First Dance routine.

Wedding Dance Lessons
When you take the floor for the first dance at your wedding reception, all eyes are on you. Rather than worrying about tripping over your own feet, we can help you create and perform a slick dance routine to your favourite song, that you and your guests will never forget.

We provide professional dance tuition in your own home ( South West England),from a friendly, patient teacher with many years of professional dance and choreography experience.

Whether you are a nervous beginner, or more experienced on the dance floor, our tutor will put you and your intended through your paces, helping you create a special dance routine you and your guests will never forget.

A Block of Five One-Hour Dance Lessons includes:

Lesson 1: Introductory session and looking at your chosen song.

Lesson 2: Begining of the choreography work

Lesson 3: Finalising the choreography and completing the routine.

Lesson 4: Technical and stylistic work done to your routine.

Lesson 5: Final rehearsals and soothing of any last minute worries.


Wedding Dance Lessons £ 50 per hour`,pay-as-you-go.

Block of Five 1 hour Lessons £ 200. (£25 off only applies when paying in advance)

Clients Comment:

"Thank- you for your help with the dance. It was fun on the day and we got a good response"

David and Nicky. (see clip)

To see a video of our clients David and Nicky's wedding dance, click here:

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