Other Dance Workshops

Shanturia also specialize in many different styles of dance: Classical Ballet, Graham-based Contemporary, Street Dance, Jazz/Musical Theatre and Choreography.

Classical Ballet. An introduction to classical ballet techniques, focusing on posture and turn out. The workshop includes  basic barre and moving on to centre work and grande allegro.


Focusing on techniques devised by Martha Graham, with contraction and release, jumps and floor-work.

Street Dance

Modern street dance styles including hip hop, breaks, pop'n'lock, MTV-style and Jamaican dancehall/ragga.

Jazz/Musical Theatre

Focusing on iconic theatre dance styles pioneered by Bob Fosse, Jerome Robbins, and jazz-inspired styles from the Charleston to Jive, Lindyhop and Rock'n'Roll. Also looking at dance inspired by today's modern musical theatre choreographers, such as Wayne Cilento (Broadway's Wicked.)


Exploring the choreographic process using the Contemporary Dance Technique. The workshop includes working with a stimulus and then developing ideas using the choreographic devices; Canon, Retrograde, Dynamic Change and more. The workshop also covers Staging and Performing Skills. This workshop is ideal for GCSE Dance students.

"BOYZ 2 MEN" Boys Dance Workshop

This workshop is designed for boys only. The workshop focuses on Dance Technique, Choreography and Performance Skills. The aim is to allow the boys to explore self-expression and creativity and  have the opportunity to create their own dance piece. The boys will  also gain valuable experience working with a male Dance Teacher and ex professional Dancer. The Objective is to give the boys the confidence to participate more in Dance and  boost the number of boys taking GCSE Dance at key stage 4.

Gifted & Talented Dance Workshops

Gifted & Talented Dance Workshops caters for the more able students. The workshop focuses on the students  producing a high quality  Dance Performance. Students will be given an intensive  technique class,  followed by  a sequence which they have to perform. The Dance sequence will be set at intermediate level. Gifted & Talented Dance Workshops are ideal for students who want to improve  their audition techniques.