African-Caribbean Dance Workshops

Shanturia offers dance workshops for schools, community groups, institutions, prisons and corporate/business clients. We are Specialists in African-Caribbean dance.

African-Caribbean Dance Workshops

We work with live percussion and integrate a musical element into our African-Caribbean dance workshops.  This flexibility is valued as one of the company's strengths.
 Shanturia has teacher members experienced in working with all levels and ages, from young people with special needs to young professional dancers. We cater for groups on a daily rate, but can also provide "block" workshops or residencies to take groups to production level. Participants will have a standard warm-up, followed by a creative session, finishing with a short presentation at the end of the workshop.
 All workshops incorporate dance and music, and in the case of a week-long residency, participants will have the chance to experience and be involved with live percussion.
Shanturia always encourage informal presentations after a workshop, providing valuable performing experience for all participants.

African-Caribbean dance workshops can be linked to specific themes, such as Black History Month.

"I thought the workshops were hugely successful, and have not only inspired the students, but have improved my own knowledge of African Dance technique." - Dance Teacher, Charles Edward Brooke School, London